Nu-Type Ltd. Metal Type for Embossing, Coding and Identification Equipment. Axminster, Devon, UK.
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All the product information in this website is downloadable to your computer in Adobe PDF format. More information is available below.

.PDF filename
Embossing Type (40kb)
Special Marking Type (84kb)
Steel Type (54kb)
Foreign Language Type (59kb)
Franking and Indentation Type (41kb)
Type Recognition Chart (368kb)


PDF stands for Portable Document Format. These files can subsequently be used with Adobe® Acrobat® products. The files are small, quickly downloadable (the files on this site take approx. 1 minute (4 mins for the Type Recognition Chart) on a standard modem) and can either be viewed immediately or saved to your hard drive. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is usually installed on most computers as standard but in case it is not you can obtain a free copy from the Adobe web site. A link is provided below.

To directly view the .pdf file, just click on the desired link and it will open. This allows you to print the catalogue without all the weblinks and other superfluous web page graphics. Please note, to keep the .pdf files to a reasonable size for downloading, the images have been compressed.

To save a .pdf file directly to your hard drive, right-click the relevant file and select "save target as". Whilst all our .pdf files have been checked for viruses, we always recommend you check them as well.

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