Nu-Type Ltd. Metal Type for Embossing, Coding and Identification Equipment. Axminster, Devon, UK.
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Metal Type for Embossing, Coding and Identification Equipment

Nu-Type Ltd, a Precision Engineering Company, was formed in 1988 as a result of a Management Buyout of the Metal Type Business of a long established Company, the directors and employees of Nu-Type Ltd have therefore been extensively involved, for many years, in manufacturing and supplying all classes of Metal Type to many major corporations world-wide.

We specialise in the manufacture of metal type for credit card embossing and indenting together with a large range of marking type for coding and identification equipment used in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.

We have unparalleled expertise and a skilled manufacturing technique which enables us to provide a wide range of high quality steel type, this coupled with our comprehensive library of world-wide type styles and languages means we can give informed technical advice on all forms of type, so no matter what type requirements you have please contact us we are sure we can provide the perfect type for your needs.



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